• Brothers From Malta

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    Denounced Maltese brothers Joe and Charlie must break their 7-year silence when they’re forced to road trip across California with a flatulent canine and precious family heirloom to rescue their dying sister.

    Comedy | 61 minutes | Rated PG
    Starring: Julian Galea, James Galea, Mike Ferguson, Liz...

  • Made In Malta

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    Passion is reignited across the Mediterranean islands of Malta between an American filmmaker and his Spanish ex-girlfriend. They may only have twenty-four hours, but the uncovered truth will force them to confront the rest of their lives.

    Romance | 80 minutes | Rated M
    Starring: Ariadna Cabrol,...

  • Love To Paradise

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    When American real estate agent, Giovanni, falls for tempestuous local artist, Carmen, during a trip to Malta to settle an inheritance, they embark on a passionate and life-changing journey only to be broken by the truth. Faced between love and livelihood, Giovanni must choose between everything ...